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     Andrew came into this world on August 18th, 1990. He was born and raised in the desert of Albuquerque, NM. As a little child Andrew was constantly singing around the house. So his parents put him in private voice lessons at the age of 3. By the time Andrew reached 5 years old he already knew that music would be his life. 
     Throughout school Andrew was the music kid who won the school awards. In 2001 our nation was attacked and Andrew performed "God Bless America" at a benefit hockey game. Later that year he got his first taste of the recording studio working on cover songs. Then when Andrew turned 13 he started recording his first original material. During the high school years he was section leader in choir and worked with a few metal bands in Albuquerque. 
     After graduation Andrew decided to move out of NM to further his music career. So he loaded up the car and moved to Nashville, TN. In Nashville, Andrew has done session work, co-writing and performing. At a performance on night at the Nashville Palace he met singer Jillian Kohr. Andrew was soon hired to be her guitarist. In 2015 he was on guitar and bass duties for Jillian's tour. Andrew has also been in a couple episodes of the tv show "Nashville".
     Andrew has been studying music theory with Berklee College Of Music's online branch, where he currently holds a 4.0 GPA. Andrew is a metal head in search of other metal musicians who are after a record deal and who are eager to play huge concerts world wide! 
     In addition to music, Andrew is also an actor. In school he was in a few plays, one of which a talent scout was in the audience. The scout approached Andrew to start acting classes. It was in the acting classes where Andrew broke out of his shell and truly started to become a performer on stage. Now, Andrew has appeared on many tv shows and filmed a movie! His tv appearances include..."Nashville", "Still The King", "Star", "Cliffs Of Freedom", "Walker Mcguire music video", "Pilot episode for a CMT show".